Hamstrong is the superhero of a game, music video, and future animated series about fighting animal cruelty. Hamstrong is imprisoned in an animal testing lab against his will and seeks any means necessary to escape and bring freedom for the other animal captives. After witnessing mistreatment to his fellow animals, he decides to seek revenge and uses his intelligence and courage to outsmart his captors and rescue his friends.

There's also a Hamstrong interactive mobile game that is available on iTunes.

Hamstrong has 19,000+ Facebook fans and 1000+ Twitter followers to date.

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Amy's Mythic Mornings

Amy's Mythic Mornings is an animated TV series about three kids who imagine themselves into the rich world of Grannie Louie's First Nations legends. The series will debut this fall on APTN, Canada's Aboriginal People's Television Network.

Amy and her two friends Casey and Theodore use their imagination to become the characters of cultural legends and learn important moral lessons along the way.

The TV series has a companion web site where you can play games, learn fun facts and interact with the characters.

There is also a fun iPhone app that follows Amy as she does chores and wins rewards.

The Trailer