About GFZ

GFZ Studios is an innovative Canadian content development, visual effects and post production house located in Hollywood North, Vancouver, BC. With over fifteen years of industry experience we deliver the ultimate combination of creativity, speed and production value.

Our award-winning team of directors, producers and artists are specialists in content creation, visual effects, editing, color correction, animation, games, and apps. We are constantly establishing new methods of executing tasks in a proficient and stream-lined manner on some of the most demanding productions in North America and around the world.


GFZʼs state-of-the-art facility and vast experience leave our clients strategically positioned to leverage their vision and our talent. Whether that be in concept development, management and or execution. Our progressive workflow revolves around our clients and is sure to deliver unparalleled quality, on time and on budget.

Apple App Developer

Hamstrong - iPhone Game


Motion Picture Production Industry Association of B.C


High-End Editing, Compositing and Comforming