What We Do


GFZ Studios crafts exceptional content and delivers outstanding services. We are master storytellers who take great ideas and transform them into extraordinary productions. Our work entertains, inspires, and gets people talking. Our team is composed of award winning artists whose talent, drive, and expertise is unparalleled. At GFZ we stay ahead of the curve to provide you with the best content possible.




We bring projects to life. From concept to distribution we handle every aspect of the creative process. From selecting scripts that have breathtaking potential, to flying drones alongside Rocky Mountaineer trains to capture the perfect shot, we’re committed to producing captivating entertainment.

We can can handle every single aspect of the development process to ensure that you get the highest quality product. We can also take on projects in any stage of their development cycle and see them through to completion.



More recently, pre-visualization has become more and more common as an alternative to plan out a shot. It’s uses are nearly limitless because it is extremely time efficient, effective, and it allows everybody who plans to work on the final version to be on the same page. By using previs, we are able to show you how something would look long before a deadline arrives and you have to make any compromises. We ensure that your resources are being spent as proficiently as possible, regardless of the project at hand. Our job is to give you peace of mind by presenting you your ideas visually – every step of the way.




We use industry-leading software for creating cinematic visual effects and sensational motion graphics. Whether you want to create stunning visual effects for a sci-fi film, a realistic 3D world for a promo or just finishing touch ups a video project, GFZ Studios can provide a fresh mix of creative and technical inspiration on each and every project. What separates GFZ Studios from other VFX companies is that we operate on an efficient business model that continually adopting new technology and striving for very high standards of performance. We customize our services to hit all deadlines and fit all requirements. This is why our clients choose to come back every time.


Realistic animation is an incredibly important component if you want to sustain disbelief in your audience. Whether it be as simple as a ball bouncing or as complex as two ninjas in battle, the subtleties in an objects movement will be the deciding factor of it’s success. Fortunately here at GFZ we have a dedicated team of experienced 3D and 2D animators who know the inner workings of natural motion, gestures, and the physics involved.



While much of the time most of the strength of a final image is captured on set, the mood and style of an ungraded picture can never truly compare to one which has been touched by our Beauty Colour Grading Suite here at GFZ. We take great pride in transforming RAW or DNEG formats in to those which bear elegance and a distinct, exotic feel. GFZ’s signature Beauty Colour Grading Suite is one which aims to improve everything overall by adding atmosphere, emotion and character to your hard-earned shots. This is the perfect suite if you’re producing television commercials for the fashion, automotive, or lifestyle industry. Film directors and producers who want to enhance their trailers, movies, or corporate media can also benefit from this suite greatly. Two colour correction suites with AVID DS, Da Vinci, Smoke, and Nuke software’s keep us up to par with industry standards.



We have access to the most sophisticated software algorithms available, which have been developed specifically for this complex task and which make 2D to 3D conversion a practical and cost-effective option for 3D content creation. Our hardware and software solution uses a mixture of pixel tracking, rotoscoping, disparity mapping, depth mapping and 3D geometry recreation to track or recreate realistic spatial information. We have developed our process with the aim of offering you the most competitive rates in the market without sacrificing our high standard of performance.



We provide you with unmatched editorial services that are creative, fast, and high-quality. Our tools and talented staff can edit film, TV, commercials, promotions, and corporate projects. With the latest AVID, AVID DS and FinalCut software, we offer real-time editing and effects that support the capture, mixing, and playback of a wide variety of formats. With support for AAF, XML and OMF compositions. You can also feel free to bring in your own editors to use our top-of-the-line equipment for a small fee. We give you creative and technical assistance even during the pre-production phase, offering free consultation on how to achieve commercially viable and high-quality results within the producers’ time frame.



Our innovative application and game development team is in charge of creating seamless code for iOS and Android. Our concentration is directed towards making games as interactive as possible, as with all of our projects.


We have some of the finest engineering talent in the business. Our team provides 24/7 support, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. From utilizing 3 levels of sophisticated security back-ups to maintaining the most updated hardware and software systems, we know what we are doing. You can trust that we have the knowledge to deal with anything that might go wrong throughout production. Our engineers understand the technical and operational aspects of Editing Systems, Storage and Visual Effects systems including Avid DS, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci and Nuke etc. With their vast knowledge of these systems, they can educate you on the best ways to gear up for your project even before production begins.


Our focus is on efficiency and connectivity. Our operations team strives for excellence at all times. You can trust us when it comes to choosing the most commercially viable solutions for your project, designing the best workflow with the right technology, and managing audio and visual editing, grading, finishing, duplication, and storage. Quality is the foundation of our operation. We have dedicated HD and 2k capable QC booths, all of which have grade 1 monitors as well as OmniTek , Black Magic, Tektronix scopes and monitoring. And, of course, Harding PSE testing is provided as standard. From start to finish, we bring you excellence and efficiency.